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New York City's Lower East Side has always attracted bohemian freaks looking to shock the world, but with EVOL (Love spelled backwards)--their third album after a live tape and several EPs--Sonic Youth finally figured a way to make their skronk count. Combining alternate guitar tunings with nearly linear songwriting, SY proved they could harness their energy into a combustible engine. The multititled closer, "Expressway to Yr. Skull" (or "Madonna, Sean, and Me"), is pure apocalyptic beauty, while "Shadow of a Doubt" succeeds by being more subdued and suggestive. --Rob O'Connor

uuid: B79FDF45-5DD8-4324-B1CA-879869E574DA
upc: 0720642451328
tracklisting: Green Light
Star Power
Secret Girl
Tom Violence
Death To Friends
Shadow Of A Doubt
Marilyn Moore
In The Kindom # 19
Modonna, Sean And Me
title: Evol
purchase date: 09-05-2005
published: 27-09-1994
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fullTitle: Evol
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