Drums of Passion [Expanded]
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uuid: A3E0D53F-91BB-4D37-A1FF-C321929FEACC
upc: 0074646601129
tracklisting: Akiwowo (Ah-Key-Woh-Woh) (Chant to the Trainman)
Oya (Aw-Yah) (Primitive Fire) (Cult Rhythm)
Odun de! Odun De! (Aw Dun Day! Aw Dun Day!) (Happy New Year)
Gin-Go-Lo-Ba (Jin-Go-Low-Bah) (Drums of Passion)
Kiyakiya (Kay-Ya-Key-Ya) (Why Do You Run Away?)
Baba Jinde (Baba-Gee-Un-Day) (Flirtation Dance)
Oyin Momo Ado (Oh-Yin-Maw-Maw-Ah-Dough) (Sweet as Honey)
Shango (Chan-Go) (Chant to the God of Thunder)
Menu Di Ye Jewe (Who Is This?)
title: Drums of Passion [Expanded]
rating: 3
purchase date: 09-05-2005
published: 30-07-2002
price: $11.98
net Rating: 5
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genre: Nigeria
fullTitle: Drums of Passion [Expanded]
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created: 137384592
country: us
aspect: Audio CD
Original recording remastered
asin: B00006B1RI
artist: Babatunde Olatunji