The Fragile
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Trent Reznor took five years to record this monstrous double-CD set, wielding a perfectionist's touch in the production and the subtlety of a chainsaw in the musicianship. The result is uncompromising, full of hysterical noise and yet utterly accessible. Somehow, someway, this is one of the best pop records of the year. --Matthew Cooke

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tracklisting: Somewhat Damaged
The Day The World Went Away
The Frail
The Wretched
We're In This Together
The Fragile
Just Like You Imagined
Even Deeper
No, You Don't
La Mer
The Great Below
The Way Out Is Through
Into The Void
Where Is Everybody?
The Mark Has Been Made
Starfuckers, Inc.
I'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally
The Big Come Down
Underneath It All
Ripe (With Decay)
title: The Fragile
purchase date: 09-05-2005
published: 21-09-1999
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Alt Industrial
fullTitle: The Fragile
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artist: Nine Inch Nails