Charge It 2 da Game
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Silkk the Shocker isn't the most gifted of the Miller brothers (Master P and C-Murder are his siblings), either in his generic-as-they-wanna-be lyrics or in his lumpy-like-day-old-oatmeal flow. Yet the hits keep coming, as the solid if uneventful Beats by the Pound production crew provides enough bouncy loops and catchy choruses to keep Silkk's head above water. Most notable are the down-tempo stories related on "Give Me the World" and "Mama Always Told Me." But when it comes to No Limit, an ounce of bounce is worth far more than a pound of gloom; it's "I'm a Soldier," the token posse cut on the record, that achieves its purpose best. Laced with a quick-paced, raw funk, it reaffirms the universal particularities of the NL sound. --Jon Caramanica

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tracklisting: I'm a Soldier
Give Me the World
Throw Yo Hood Up
Just Be Straight With Me
If I Don't Gotta
We Can Dance
Mama Always Told Me
You Ain't Gotta Lie to Kick It
Thug 'N' Me
All Night
Who Can I Trust
It Ain't My Fault
What Gangstas Do
Let Me Hit It
How Many...
Who I Be
Tell Me
Me and You
title: Charge It 2 da Game
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published: 17-02-1998
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Southern Rap
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