Make the Music 2000
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You might not know the name, but you already know the voice: for years, Rahzel has been the secret weapon in one of hip-hop's best-equipped arsenals, the multitalented band The Roots. As their human beatbox, Rahzel gives the band an unmatched level of flexibility, and on his solo debut, that's exactly what he demonstrates. Alternating between studio tracks and live cuts, Rahzel shows his vocal dexterity as a frontman (the kickin'"All I Know," produced by Pete Rock), a backer ("Southern Girl,""Night Riders"), and all by his lonesome. Though some of the guests make worthwhile contributions, most serve simply to distract the listener from the main attraction, who's at his best when performing solo in front of a crowd--check out the jaw-dropping cover of "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta F With" and the one-man Mortal Kombat duel. Ultimately, the self-proclaimed Godfather of Noyze leaves you wanting for only one thing: more. --Randy Silver

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tracklisting: Human Beatbox (Interlude)
Make the Music 2000
Super Dee Jay (Interlude)
All I Know
Carbon Copy (I Can't Stop) - Vinia Mojica
I Know What Your Sayin (Interlude)
Night Riders
Just the Beginning (Interlude)
Bubblin' Bubblin' (Pina Colada) - Emanon
To the Beat - Q-Tip
Wu Tang Live Medley
Steal My Soul - Branford Marsalis
For the Ladies (Interlude)
Suga Sista - Aaron Hall
Southern Girl - Erykah Badu
If Your Girl Only Knew (Interlude)
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