The BBC Sessions
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One of the most creative and explosive bands of the '60s, the Who didn't record an official live album until 1970. For fans of the revved-up, introspective, and humorous fare that made records such as My Generation, Sell Out, and A Quick One instant classics, 1970 was a good three years too late. Rather than referring to sometimes-dodgy bootlegs to discover what "Pictures of Lily,""Disguises," or "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" sounded like live, we are now presented with a surprisingly clear document of the band at--arguably--their peak. The CD, culled from archival live-in-the-studio radio broadcasts made between '65 and '73, keeps all the radio-announcer introductions and short interview segments intact, with a few bonus, real-life Sell Out jingles for good effect. A fabulous portrait of the artists as a young band, the disc brims with minor revelations--chief among them that they were pretty sorry as an R&B outfit and that (surprise) with Moon, Entwhistle, and Townshend bashing about, even a midtempo number like "Happy Jack" was a total scorcher live. --Mike McGonigal

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tracklisting: My Generation [Radio 1 Jingle]
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
Good Lovin'
Just You and Me, Darling
Leaving Here
Good's Gone
La-La Lies
Dancing in the Street
I'm a Boy
Run Run Run
Boris the Spider
Happy Jack
See My Way
Pictures of Lilly
Quick One, While He's Away
I'm Free
Shakin' All Over
Long Live Rock
Boris the Spider (Radio 1 Jingle)
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