Regulate G Funk Era
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Japanese Reissue Remastered with a Bonus Track: 'regulate (Remix)'. Also Includes a Video Track for 'regulate'.

uuid: B405B9AB-D39D-4BC7-806E-E13676496E63
upc: 4988005336293
tracklisting: Regulate
Do You See
Gangsta Sermon
Super Soul Sis
î Ho Draft
So Many Ways
This D.J
This Is The Shack
What's Next
And Ya Don't Stop
Runnin' Wit No Breaks
Regulate ( Remix)
Regulate (Video)
title: Regulate G Funk Era
purchase date: 09-05-2005
published: 04-06-2003
price: $26.49
last lookup time: 137384080
genre: West Coast
fullTitle: Regulate G Funk Era
created: 137384032
country: us
aspect: Audio CD
Original recording remastered
asin: B000091L47
artist: Warren G