Pablo Honey
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Before Radiohead became the biggest critics' darling since Pavement or Dr. Dre, they were just another pre-Oasis British band with some loose indie ties, trying to gain some cred. Loopy enough to name this moody, often battering debut album for a Jerky Boys routine, they were also a lot more interesting when they hadn't yet learned the word "soundscape.""Creep," the miserably majestic single they now claim nearly ruined them, may not even be the best thing here; try "Anyone Can Play Guitar," an epitaph for River Phoenix before the fact. --Rickey Wright

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tracklisting: You
How Do You?
Stop Whispering
Thinking About You
Anyone Can Play Guitar
Prove Yourself
I Can't
Blow Out
Creep [Clean]
title: Pablo Honey
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published: 20-04-1993
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