Presents the Carnival Featuring the Refugee Allstars
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"Taste the culture, know who you are," exhorts a voice in the opening seconds of The Carnival. While Fugees mastermind Wyclef sets a high goal for his first solo album, essentially a follow-up to the Brooklyn hip-hoppers' multiplatinum The Score, he never succumbs to feel-goodism or preachiness while traveling the songlines. Including everything from over-the-top operatic scatting to Bee Gees samples and Celia Cruz as part of its rhythm nation, The Carnival proves that, "Killing Me Softly" or no, the rapper/producer is far from losing his knack for mad fun and games. And, indeed, if you're not careful, you may end up learning something: witness the ballad "Gone Till November," a drug runner's unflinching lament. --Rickey Wright

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Down Lo Ho (Interlude)
Anything Can Happen
Gone Till November
Words of Wisdom (Interlude)
Year of the Dragon - Lauryn Hill
Sang Fézi
Fresh Interlude
Mona Lisa
Street Jeopardy
Killer Mc (Interlude)
We Trying to Stay Alive - John Forté
Closing Arguments [Interlude/skit]
Enter the Carnival (Interlude)
Carnival - Jocelyn Berouard
tracklisting: Intro/Court/Clef/Intro [Skit/Interlude]
Guantanamera - Celia Cruz
Pablo Diablo (Interlude) - Crazy Sam & Da Verbal Assassins
Prelude to "To All the Girls
title: Presents the Carnival Featuring the Refugee Allstars
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