40 Oz to Freedom
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Ska music has been deeply ingrained in the punk rock culture since the Clash adopted their rude boy stance near the end of the British punk invasion and the 2-Tone label put ska on the map. Suddenly, punks stopped kicking the crap out of each other long enough to dance. The debut release by Orange County, California's Sublime is a positively infectious record that marries varied styles of dub, reggae, rap, sampling, scratching, and badass dancehall ska with old-school punk overtones. Musicianship on this record is exceptionally tight, featuring Brad Nowell's innovative guitar work and bright, soulful voice. Packed with 40 oz. of rock (21 tracks) including the ultimate pot-smoking anthem "Smoke Two Joints" and the novelty hit "Date Rape."--Gail Worley

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tracklisting: Waiting For My Ruca
40oz. To Freedom
Smoke Two Joints
We're Only Gonna Die For Our Arrogance
Don't Push
5446 That's My Number/Ball And Chain
Let's Go Get Stoned
New Thrash
Scarlet Begonias
Live At E's
Chica Me Tipo
Right Back
What Happened
New Song
Date Rape
Rivers of Babylon
title: 40 Oz to Freedom
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published: 23-07-1996
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Funk Rock
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