Shangri-La Dee Da
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Shangri-La Dee Da may not be STP's most commercial outing, but the disc's 13 tracks comprise a satisfying aural journey despite its lack of quick-fix hits along the lines of "Sex Type Thing" and "Wicked Garden." From the dark, grinding rhythms and obfuscated vocals of "Dumb Love" to the lovely "Wonderful" to the buoyant power pop of "Days of the Week" to the edgy and disturbing "Coma," myriad facets of the lineup's musical temperament are explored. "Bi-Polar Bear" hints at STP's humor, though Shangri-La is by no means lightweight; singer Scott Weiland's passionate and personal lyrics--especially on a touching ode to his infant son, "A Song for Sleeping"--are affecting and apt. The fifth outing from this California crew who've survived grunge and thrived in its aftermath is masterful and mature effort from a band who've spied some light at the end of their tunnel. --Katherine Turman

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tracklisting: Dumb Love
Days Of The Week
Hollywood Bitch
Black Again
Hello It's Late
Too Cool Queenie
Bi-Polar Bear
Transmissions From A Lonely Room
A Song For Sleeping
Long Way Home
title: Shangri-La Dee Da
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published: 19-06-2001
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