No 4
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This fine band's powerful music has been often overshadowed by singer Scott Weiland's well-documented drug and legal troubles. Not to mention that STP's 1992 debut, Core, was dismissed by critics as "Seattle lite." Nonetheless, STP has managed to make four noteworthy albums, No. 4 being the latest in their solid and cohesive body of work. No. 4 is not groundbreaking, but the quartet's aggressive, dynamic hard rock is emotion-packed and timeless. Not as hit-heavy as its predecessors, No. 4 is nevertheless strong and diverse. On the gentler side, there's the lilting '60s-influenced "I Got You" and "Atlanta," which is almost Doors-like in its dreamy mood. Heavier fare includes the midtempo heavy riffing opener "Down" and the winning but not-so-subtly titled "Sex and Violence," which matches an aggressive, linear feel with a cool punk vibe. At 42 minutes, the only thing wrong with No. 4 is that there's not enough of it. --Katherine Turman

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tracklisting: Down
Heaven & Hot Rods
Church On Tuesday
Sour Girl
No Way Out
Sex & Violence
I Got You
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