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1994 Japanese mini-album on EMI featuring eight rare tracks:'Stop Whispering' (U.S. Version), 'Thinking About You','Faithless, The Wonder Boy', 'Banana Co.', 'Killer Cars'(Live), 'Vegetable' (Live), 'You' (Live) and 'Creep'(Acoustic).

uuid: 11C4F656-B1D9-4E5F-A79D-9723D8801412
upc: 4988006696112
tracklisting: Stop Whispering [US Version]
Thinking About You
Faithless, the Wonder Boy
Banana Co.
Killer Cars [Live]
Vegatable [Live]
You [Live]
Creep [Acoustic]
title: Itch
purchase date: 18-06-2006
publisher: EMI
published: 30-06-1998
price: $26.49
net Rating: 4.5
last lookup time: 172325792
genre: Britpop
Alternative Rock
fullTitle: Itch
currentValue: $19.99
created: 172325792
country: us
aspect: Audio CD
asin: B00000735Z
artist: Radiohead