Last Splash
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For her second full-length Breeders album, Kim Deal jettisoned Tanya Donelly, brought in her sister Kelley as lead guitarist (despite the fact that she could barely play when she joined), and came up with a disc full of fun, toothsome rock, not least of which was the mammoth summer-of-'93 hit "Cannonball," a celebration of mosh-pit bounce and purred innuendo. Deal's voice is coy, but the band's full of dreamy energy, rocking like her old band the Pixies without their abrasion, tomboyish rather than macho. Not everything on Last Splash is fully fleshed out as a song, but even the more fragmentary pieces--the embittered punk mutter of "I Just Wanna Get Along," the horny daydream "Divine Hammer"--speed the album's flow. --Douglas Wolk

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tracklisting: New Year
Invisible Man
No Aloha
Do You Love Me Now?
I Just Wanna Get Along
Mad Lucas
Divine Hammer
Drivin' On 9
Roi (Reprise)
title: Last Splash
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published: 31-08-1993
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