Rattle and Hum
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The ill will that initially greeted Rattle and Hum--the follow-up to the band's massively successful Joshua Tree album--was due in large part to the bloated and self-important feature film that accompanied it, which showed the band as being simultaneously naive and pretentious as it "discovered" America. But as the film mercifully slips from memory, the music has remained, from the furious swirl of "Desire" and a clutch of live hits to insightful musical nods to heroes such as Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and Billie Holiday. Songs like "When Love Comes to Town," a supercharged blues duet with B.B. King, suggests the quartet knew more about America from listening to its music than Phil Joanou's unintentional mockumentary suggested. --Daniel Durchholz

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tracklisting: Helter Skelter [Live]
Van Diemen's Land
Hawkmoon 269
All Along the Watchtower [Live]
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For [Live]
Freedom for My People
Silver and Gold [Live]
Pride (In the Name of Love) [Live]
Angel of Harlem
Love Rescue Me
When Love Comes to Town
God, Pt. 2
Star Spangled Banner - Jimi Hendrix
Bullet the Blue Sky [Live]
All I Want Is You
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