She's The One
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An unusual move for Tom Petty to score the music for the Edward Burns's film She's the One and then still turn it into a standard Tom Petty release. The inclusions of two versions of "Walls" and "Angel Dream" make it seem more like a movie soundtrack. But, at heart, the material is more classic Petty. "Grew Up Fast" and "Hope You Never" are perfect radio songs and Petty's cover of Beck's "Asshole" proves his anti-punk stance may finally be softening with a little help from producer Rick Rubin, whose ears have given Petty his most appealing production in years. --Rob O'Connor

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tracklisting: Walls (Circus)
Grew up Fast
Zero from Outer Space
Climb That Hill
Change the Locks
Angel Dream (No. 4)
Hope You Never
Supernatural Radio
Hope on Board
Walls (No. 3)
Angel Dream (No. 2)
Hung up and Overdue
title: She's The One
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published: 06-08-1996
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