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"Fell on Black Days," indeed. Seattle sludge slingers Soundgarden made a living out of cathartic, woe-is-me wailing (we're talking the banshee vocals of Chris Cornell and the crypt-creaking guitar of Kim Thayil), but this wallowing in grim depression ironically proved to be the band's most uplifting career effort. When the reclusive Cornell ventures out of his shy-guy shell, it's typically via a primal scream of cathartic emotion--he might camp it up with a sophomoric "Spoon Man," but most of this vicious disc leaps straight for your jugular. Generations in the post-millennial future will one day refer to this record to discover exactly how 1990s rock & roll was done. --Tom Lanham

uuid: 98825E2F-DBB0-4F1F-8599-44AD4769C7F7
upc: 0731454019828
tracklisting: Let Me Drown
My Wave
Fell on Black Days
Head Down
Black Hole Sun
Limo Wreck
Day I Tried to Live
Fresh Tendrils
4th of July
Like Suicide
title: Superunknown
purchase date: 09-05-2005
published: 08-03-1994
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