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Soulful, sexy, and precisely what Bonnie Raitt would be doing today if she were young and starting out. --Jeff Bateman

uuid: 7478FE30-1060-4D75-B0B7-4C8E91A0EA4A
upc: 0731452669926
tracklisting: St. Teresa
Man in the Long Black Coat
Right Hand Man
Dracula Moon
One of Us
Spider Web
Let's Just Get Naked
Help Me
Crazy Baby
title: Relish
purchase date: 09-05-2005
published: 21-03-1995
price: $13.98
net Rating: 4.5
last lookup time: 137388992
genre: Singer-Songwriters
Blues Rock
Adult Alternative
fullTitle: Relish
currentValue: $0.19
created: 137388976
country: us
aspect: Audio CD
asin: B000001ED1
artist: Joan Osborne