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Vitalogy reaffirms the Seattle quintet's status as the principled, proudly confused voice of a generation. On their third album, they've found their footing as a raw, forward-looking ês rock act that fearlessly tackles the Biggest Questions. Lead track "Spin the Black Circle" celebrates the healing power of Eddie Vedder's LP collection, but it is overshadowed by such masterstrokes as "Immortality" (which can be read, right or wrong, as a reaction to Kurt Cobain's suicide), the Lennonesque "Tremor Christ" and a thrilling anthem for the pro-choice movement, "Whipping."--Jeff Bateman

uuid: 748B9333-A2A7-497F-8A94-C8633D749E37
upc: 0074646690024
tracklisting: Last Exit
Spin The Black Circle
Not For You
Tremor Christ
Pry, To
Satan's Bed
Better Man
Aye Davanita
Hey Foxymophandlemama, That's Me
title: Vitalogy
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published: 06-12-1994
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