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This Icelandic marvel is such an original that, even after four Sugarcubes albums and a brilliant solo Debut, she remains an acquired taste. "Army of Me" is a turbulent, darkling tune that's almost conventional next to the gloriously eclectic material that follows. Working with Tricky, Soul II Soul/U2 producer Nellee Hooper, and string arranger/one-hit wonder Deodato, Björk looses her helium-fueled voice and surreal wordplay on Gershwinesque pop (the adorable "It's Oh So Quiet"), ambient dub ("Possibly Maybe") and all kinds of fresh dance/pop hybrids ("Enjoy,""Hyper-Ballad,""I Miss You"). Too raw and adventurous for mass success, perhaps, but a more unique, engaging, oddly accessible artist just doesn't exist. --Jeff Bateman

uuid: 8CD43534-3545-4B9F-B3F3-7E02CB282312
upc: 0075596174022
tracklisting: Army Of Me
The Modern Things
It's Oh So Quiet
You've Been Flirting Again
Possibly Maybe
I Miss You
Cover Me
title: Post
rating: 3
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published: 13-06-1995
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