Tical 2000 : Judgement Day
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The Wu-Tang warrior's second solo joint is so conceptually huge, only somebody who's been high every day for a decade could have imagined it: hip-hop album as science-fiction double-feature as celebrity parade as horror movie as multilayered masquerade as an endlessly Baroque flow of spiels and skits, hallucinatory fantasy, and killer-bee menace. The romantic strains of Tical have been replaced by pure, sweaty sex, and Meth's image transformation from laidback muscle to bloodthirsty cyborg (with a phone book's worth of guest stars) just means he compacts his flow more tightly. The production is the Wu standard of berserk little loops and spare boom-bap, though RZA's tracks are head and shoulders above those of his disciples. --Douglas Wolk

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tracklisting: Judgement Day (Intro)
Perfect World
Cradle Rock - Left Eye
Dangerous Grounds
Sweet Love (Skit)
Shaolin What (Skit)
Where's Method Man? (Skit) - Ed Lover
Suspect Chin Music
Retro Godfather
Dooney Boy (Skit)
Check Writer (Skit)
You Play Too Much (Skit)
Party Crasher
Grid Iron Rap
Step by Step
Play IV Keeps - Inspectah Deck
Donald Trump (Skit)
Snuffed Out (Skit)
Killin' Fields
Big Dogs
Break Ups 2 Make Ups - D'Angelo
Message From Penny (Skit) - Janet Jackson
C.E.O. Outro (Outro)
title: Tical 2000 : Judgement Day
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