The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd [2-CD SET]
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The members of Lynyrd Skynyrd played by their own set of rules. Fiercely defensive of their Southern heritage, Ronnie Van Zant and company reflexively lashed out when they thought they'd been slurred. Hence "Sweet Home Alabama," their retort to Neil Young's shame-on-Dixie "Alabama." (Young loved Skynyrd's screed, even though it lambasted him by name.) On the other hand, "Saturday Night Special" took on handguns; it's hard to imagine a contemporary band with a redneck-rock following taking a similar pro-gun-control stand. This two-disc overview presents a band with a broader agenda than one might imagine. Yes, this is state-of-the-'70s electric boogie, but it's three-guitar-strong rock with genuine subject matter. Fans will already have the likes of "Free Bird" (here presented in studio and concert settings) and "I Know a Little," but baubles such as the previously unreleased "Comin' Home" and the rare B-side "Mr. Banker" add to this collection's appeal, as does the lengthy liner essay. --Steven Stolder

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tracklisting: Sweet Home Alabama
I Ain't the One
Was I Right or Wrong
Gimme Three Steps
Workin' for MCA
Simple Man
Swamp Music
Ballad of Curtis Loew
Saturday Night Special
Mr. Banker
Comin' Home [Original Version][#]
Call Me the Breeze
Free Bird
What's Your Name?
Whiskey Rock-A-Roller [Live]
Tuesday's Gone
Double Trouble
I Know a Little
Four Walls of Raiford
I Never Dreamed
Gimme Back My Bullets [Live]
You Got That Right
All I Can Do Is Write About It [Acoustic Version]
That Smell
Free Bird [Live]
title: The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd [2-CD SET]
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