Coltrane [Impulse!] [Bonus CD]
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Coltrane has always held a special place among the musician's recordings, and it takes on new luster in this edition with previously unreleased material. Recorded in 1962, it was the first Impulse recording of his working quartet and the first studio recording to feature what would become the classic quartet with McCoy Tyner on piano, Elvin Jones on drums, and the recently arrived Jimmy Garrison on bass. More than that, though, it's always been a brilliantly balanced statement of Coltrane's different dimensions. Frank Loesser's "Inch Worm" is a chirping modal waltz played on soprano saxophone in a vein similar to "My Favorite Things";"Miles' Mode" weds a 12-tone row with racing, blues-rooted intensity;"Out of this World" is one of Coltrane's great extended tenor solos, in which he varies brief phrases until they explode.
The new deluxe edition has been meticulously remastered by Rudy Van Gelder, the original engineer, with the first CD presenting the material as it first appeared on the original LP. The second CD presents material that only came to light in 2000, tapes that had lived in the collection of the late producer Bob Thiele. There's a gospel-suffused McCoy Tyner composition called "Not Yet" that's heard for the first time, as well as another take of "Miles' Mode" and four compelling takes of the brooding "Tunji," each revealing subtly different facets of the quartet's creation. Two studio versions of "Impressions" (one released on the compilation The Very Best of John Coltrane, the other released here for the first time) are tightly coiled performances of one of Coltrane's primary vehicles. The six-minute version is particularly intense. This is required hearing for devoted Coltrane listeners, providing new depth and insight into his working methods at a crucial period in his career. --Stuart Broomer

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tracklisting: Out of This World
Soul Eyes
Inch Worm
Miles' Mode
Not Yet [#]
Miles' Mode [#]
Tunji [#]
Impressions [#]
Big Nick
Up 'Gainst the Wall
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