Behind the Front
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The Black Eyed Peas' debut, Behind the Front, may sound thoroughly familiar: like A Tribe Called Quest, they sprout positive, deftly delivered lyrics out of their light jazz, R&B, and funk tracks; like the Roots, this multi-ethnic outfit's three MCs drop science in front of a live band that builds its grooves organically; and at their best, such as on the pop and reggae-flavored "Karma," the group can out-Fugee the Fugees. For some reason, though, the mostly mild, largely scratchless and sample-free record can--at times--be downright tepid. But for the most part, it works--sometimes brilliantly--and as a break from the mostly belligerent voices in hip-hop's mainstream, we can definitely use more of what the Peas have to offer. --Roni Sarig

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tracklisting: Fallin' Up
Clap Your Hands
Joints & Jam
Way U Make Me Feel
Be Free
Say Goodbye
What It Is
¿Que Dices?
Love Won't Wait
Head Bobs
title: Behind the Front
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