One Foot in the Grave
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Before "Loser" skyrocketed him into the pop-star stratosphere, Beck recorded this album of lo-fi tunes and ballads in the basement of K Records founder Calvin Johnson. This largely acoustic LP is a snapshot of the troubadour life Beck led when he was more likely to be found Dumpster-diving than predicting the Zeitgeist. The backwoods folk of "He's a Mighty Good Leader" and Delta blues of "Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods" shows past intent study of American traditional music, whereas the cynical critique of California culture voiced in "Cyanide Breath Mint" highlights the lyrical agility of a postpunk poet. In a tribute to the virtues of this album's simplicity, rocker Tom Petty covered "Asshole" with remarkable restraint, leaving the pleasures of the three-chord lament intact. As Beck morphs his way into the cultural landscape, this record lets us know that at least he has roots somewhere. --Lois Maffeo

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tracklisting: He's a Mighty Good Leader
Sleeping Bag
I Get Lonesome
Burnt Orange Peel
Cyanide Breath Mint
See Water
Ziplock Bag
Hollow Log
Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods
I've Seen the Land Beyond
Girl Dreams
Painted Eyelids
Atmospheric Conditions
title: One Foot in the Grave
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published: 14-06-1994
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Indie Rock
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