Aglio e Olio
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While touring behind Hello Nasty, the Beasties regularly busted out hardcore songs by the likes of Agnostic Front, Minor Threat, and Reagan Youth--along with their own take on Billy Joel's "Big Shot." The move came as no surprise to anyone familiar with this EP, on which the B-Boys collaborated with AWOL and returned to the hardcore roots documented on Some Old Bullshit. At eight tracks in just over 11 minutes, this hardly qualifies as extended play. There are better hardcore albums out there, and there are better Beastie Boys discs, but fans will still enjoy Aglio e Olio. --Randy Silver

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tracklisting: Brand New
Real With It
Believe Me
Nervous Assistant
Square Wave in Unison
You Catch a Bad One
I Can't Think Straight
I Want Some
title: Aglio e Olio
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published: 13-11-1995
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East Coast
Old School
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