Why I Sing the Blues [MCA]
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Live set from legendary bluesman who's career now spans half a century. 1983 recording features 10 stage favorites including 'The Thrill is Gone', 'Every Day I Have the Blues', 'B.B.'s Theme' and 'Why I Sing the Blues'. 1999 release. Standard jewel case.

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tracklisting: Thrill Is Gone
Ghetto Woman
Why I Sing the Blues
Ain't Nobody Home
To Know You Is to Love You
How Blue Can You Get?
Sweet Sixteen
So Excited
Chains and Things
title: Why I Sing the Blues [MCA]
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published: 01-01-1995
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genre: Chicago Blues
Electric Blues Guitar
Modern Blues
fullTitle: Why I Sing the Blues [MCA]
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artist: B.B. King