It's Dark and Hell Is Hot
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Watching DMX--baldheaded and shirtless, tattooed and musclebound--as he simultaneously goes platinum and gets arrested on rape charges (both of which occurred within weeks of this album's release), one can easily see the Yonkers, New York, rapper as a Tupac in training. And he's certainly no stranger to dumb thuggery on his much-anticipated debut. But unlike Tupac, who tempered hard-core beatdowns with party pick-me-ups, DMX is strictly business, part of a street reaction against the Puff Daddy-fueled, late-1990s slew of lightweight pop-rap crossovers. With a name too true for its own good, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot could occasionally use a cool breeze of levity. That said, the record is not without merit; despite the album's largely standard-issue beats and rhymes, both DMX's forceful voice and solid production have moments of greatness. At times DMX even manages to squeeze memorable hooks out of this otherwise claustrophobic release. --Roni Sarig

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tracklisting: Intro
Ruff Ryders' Anthem
Fuckin' Wit' D
Storm (Skit)
Look Thru My Eyes
Get at Me Dog
Let Me Fly
X-Is Coming
How's It Goin' Down
Mickey (Skit)
Crime Story
Stop Being Greedy
For My Dogs
I Can Feel It
Prayer (Skit)
Niggaz Done Started Something
title: It's Dark and Hell Is Hot
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published: 19-05-1998
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Gangsta & Hardcore
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