Beneath the Surface
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While the Genius continues to slice through resistant mentals with his liquid sword rhyme schemes, his sophomore album is the first clear sign that Wu-Tang's pre-eminence may be waning. Without Bobby Digital working the track wizardry, Beneath the Surface is an odd amalgamation of RZA-wannabe tracks (courtesy of the Arabian Prince and Mathematics) that are starting to sound more and more like Swizz Beats every day. Gza's rhyme assaults still pack a wallop, but his album shows wear at the seams, bulging with impossibly high ambitions and uneven execution. Songs like "Breaker, Breaker,""Publicity," and "Hip Hop Fury" still burn hotter than Sahara summers, but it's not enough to help the entire LP catch fire. --Oliver Wang

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Amplified Sample
Beneath The Surface
Skit #1
Skit #2
Crash Your Crew
Breaker, Breaker
High Price, Small Reward
Hip Hop Fury
Skit #3
Skit #4
Feel Like An Enemy
Stringplay (Like This, Like That)
Mic Trippin
title: Beneath the Surface
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published: 29-06-1999
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Gangsta & Hardcore
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