John Lee Hooker: The Legendary Modern Recordings 1948-1954
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Here's proof that one man can rock a house. These 24 songs are stone simple: built upon Hooker singing to his boogying guitar and stomping foot. But their energetic performances and irresistible grooves remain a model of blues perfection. They include the hits that made Hooker a star around Chicago and Detroit: "Boogie Chillen,""Crawling Kingsnake," and "I'm in the Mood." More than a ticket out of his factory job, these singles became the foundation of a career that spanned half a century. They were also quite daring for their day. Producer Bernie Besman used techniques like doubling and tripling Hooker's voice on tape, and occasionally (on "I'm in the Mood," for example) had Detroit blues guitarist Eddie Kirkland duplicate Hooker's lines as he sang and played them. For Hooker fans, this is ground zero in all its fiery glory. --Ted Drozdowski

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tracklisting: Boogie Chillen
Sally Mae
Hoogie Boogie
Hobo Blues
Weeping Willow Boogie
Drifting From Door To Door
Crawling Kingsnake
Women In My Life
Howlin' Wolf
Playing The Races
Let Your Daddy Ride
Queen Bee
Wednesday Evening
I'm In The Mood
Tease Me Baby
Turn Over A New Leaf
Rock House Boogie
Too Much Boogie
Need Somebody
Gotta Boogie
Jump Me One More Time
Down Child
Bad Boy
Please Take Me Back
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