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Firecracker picks up right where Loeb's 1995 debut Tails left off, mixing relentlessly upbeat pop numbers with moody ballads tied together with her innate sense for a memorable melody. Firecracker starts particularly strong: A thumping bass line propels the rhythmic "I Do," lush string arrangements swoon behind "Falling in Love,""Truthfully" posesses the same kind of simple pop grace that made her 1994 song "Stay" a huge hit, and "Let's Forget About It" is probably the most instantly catchy song of the bunch. The rest of the record doesn't quite keep up that pace, but overall Firecracker shows Loeb clearly avoiding the "sophomore slump" curse. --Peter Blackstock

uuid: 79DE1EC8-F9BC-410E-843C-7289938E0DA2
upc: 0720642514122
tracklisting: I Do
Falling in Love
Let's Forget About It
Furious Rose
Wishing Heart
Dance With the Angels
Split Second
title: Firecracker
purchase date: 09-05-2005
published: 11-11-1997
price: $11.98
net Rating: 4.5
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genre: Singer-Songwriters
Adult Alternative
fullTitle: Firecracker
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artist: Lisa Loeb