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It's tempting to label the Dave Matthews Band as torchbearers of the Grateful Dead's moderate rock fusion and send them off on the next summer tour featuring either Blues Traveler or the Spin Doctors. But there is more at work here, particularly on the band's second major-label release. Crash pairs soothing sounds (flute, acoustic guitar, six-string bass) with a dark emotional undercurrent. The South African (by way of Virginia) frontman reveals a rare intensity on the title track and the free-form "41," while the group shows that it's not afraid to let loose on songs such as the stirring "Too Much." Producer Steve Lillywhite adds an impressive sheen to the recordings. --Aidin Vaziri

uuid: E41EE53F-C684-46DB-B00C-89CB9001EC7C
upc: 0078636690421
tracklisting: So Much To Say
Two Step
Crash Into Me
Too Much
Say Goodbye
Drive In Drive Out
Let You Down
Lie In Our Graves
Cry Freedom
Tripping Billies
Proudest Monkey
title: Crash
rating: 2
purchase date: 09-05-2005
published: 30-04-1996
price: $18.98
net Rating: 4.5
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Adult Alternative
fullTitle: Crash
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artist: Dave Matthews Band