Ghetto D
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tracklisting: Ghetto D - C-Murder
Let's Get 'Em - Master P
I Miss My Homies - Master P
We Riders - M.A.C.
Throw 'Em Up - Kane & Abel
Tryin 2 Do Something - Fiend
Plan B - Master P
Weed & Money - Master P
Captain Kirk - Fiend
Stop Hatin - Fiend
Eyes on Your Enemies - Master P
Make Em Say Ugh - Fiend
Going Through Somethangs - Big Ed
Only Time Will Tell - M.A.C.
After Dollars, No Cents - Master P
Gangstas Need Love - Master P
Past Me da Green - Master P
Come and Get Some - C-Murder
Burbons and Laces - Master P
title: Ghetto D
purchase date: 09-05-2005
published: 02-09-1997
price: $16.98
net Rating: 4
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genre: Gangsta & Hardcore
fullTitle: Ghetto D
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asin: B000003AG8
artist: Master P