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There's the requisite number of gorgeously melodic and deeply heartfelt songs here--the addictive "Sweet Surrender," the Hollywood-style ballad "I Love You," the sad, profound "Angel," the flat-out spectacular "Witness." McLachlan's not prolific, but this short, bittersweet album proves again that what she and producer Pierre Marchand do release is cut from the finest of cloth. --Jeff Bateman

uuid: EF89682A-1334-475D-BD3C-1F5D92C041AD
upc: 0078221897020
tracklisting: Building A Mystery
I Love You
Sweet Surrender
Do What You Have To Do
Black & White
Full Of Grace
Last Dance
title: Surfacing
purchase date: 09-05-2005
published: 15-07-1997
price: $18.98
net Rating: 4.5
last lookup time: 137386592
genre: Singer-Songwriters
Adult Alternative
fullTitle: Surfacing
currentValue: $3.00
created: 137386528
country: us
aspect: Audio CD
asin: B000002VT6
artist: Sarah McLachlan