Everything Is Wrong
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Moby is an ambitious man, both musically and philosophically, and that quality seeps into every aspect of Everthing Is Wrong, from the wunderkind DJing that stretches the genre limits of techno to the angry, antiestablishment manifesto on the CD sleeve. The record's opening salvo of dancey club music sets the listener up for "All That I Need Is to Be Loved," which, out of nowhere, bludgeons would-be club kids with tuneless, mad vocals and punked-out guitar solos. The same bait-and-switch formula repeats twice on the CD at almost regular intervals in the industrial shriek of "What Love" and the sudden, slow, and acoustic bent and folksy vocals of "Into the Blue." All three shifts are jarringly abrupt. However, dance-floor continuity is in Moby's blood, and he uses these songs as parts one, two, and three of the underlying rage that drives the record's concept. Without these three tracks, in fact, you'd have a moody yet convincingly cohesive danceathon, bouncing between house breakbeats ("Feeling So Real,""Bring Back My Happiness") and blissed-out trance ("God Moving Over the Face of the Waters"). Instead, Moby expresses his bewildered and desperate view of modern life by periodically yanking away the escape of blind, danceable ecstasy, using that discontinuity to express the eyes-wide-open ruminations of a furious idealist. --Matthew Cooke

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tracklisting: Hymn
Feeling So Real
All That I Need Is to Be Loved
Let's Go Free
Everytime You Touch Me
Bring Back My Happiness
What Love
First Cool Hive
Into the Blue
Everything Is Wrong
God Moving Over the Face of the Waters
When It's Cold I'd Like to Die
title: Everything Is Wrong
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published: 14-03-1995
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