Euphoria Morning
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Since Soundgarden's lamented breakup in 1997, grunge stud Chris Cornell has been working with his longtime friends and musical peers in the band Eleven--keyboardist Natasha Shneider and guitarist Alain Johannes. These stellar musicians make Cornell's latest album crisper, more musical, and less rocky than what one came to expect from Soundgarden. The soaring "Follow My Way" is epic in scope, and, in fact, Euphoria Morning is aptly titled; the album is a cohesive mood-invoking musical meditation, especially tracks such as "When I'm Down," which has a near-gospel feel thanks to backing vocals and a spare, uplifting vibe. Fans of Cornell's mellower work with the supergroup Temple of the Dog will enjoy this ardent and mellifluous 12-song collection from one of rock's most recognizable voices. --Katherine Turman

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tracklisting: Can't Change Me
Flutter Girl
Preaching The End Of The World
Follow My Way
When I'm Down
Wave Goodbye
Sweet Euphoria
Disappearing One
Pillow Of Your Bones
Steel Rain
title: Euphoria Morning
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