Bulworth: The Soundtrack
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The Bulworth soundtrack album does for hip-hop what other movie-related discs do for their respective genres, showcasing a wide variety of styles under the banner of rap--a music that plays a key role in the Warren Beatty vehicle's plot. Where there's politics (another major theme), there's Public Enemy, which delivers "Kill Em Live," their second cinematic contribution of the month, following their work on Spike Lee's He Got Game. Bulworth also offers some intriguing matches, as Dr. Dre teams with LL Cool J for "Zoom" and Fugee Pras Michel hooks up with Grammy favorite Ol' Dirty Bastard and R&B newcomer Mya on "Ghetto Supastar." Whether or not Beatty's box-office pull holds, Bulworth should spark up some jeep action. --Rickey Wright

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tracklisting: Zoom - Dr. Dre
Ghetto Supastar That Is What You Are - Mya
How Come - Canibus
Bulworth (They Talk About It While We Live It) - Kam
Holiday/12 Scanner - Witchdoctor
Chase - RZA
Eve of Destruction - Eve
Maniac in the Brainiac - Ice Cube
Freak Out - Anonymou$
Joints & Jam - Black Eyed Peas
Run - Cappadonna
Lunatics in the Grass - B Real
Kill Em Live - Public Enemy
Bitches Are Hustlers Too - D-Fyne
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