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uuid: 935C0343-963E-49A5-972A-DADDD39F0C17
upc: 0074646772928
tracklisting: Iron Maiden - Cappadonna
Faster Blade
Assassination Day
Poisonous Darts
Winter Warz - Cappadonna
Box in Hand
Fish - Cappadonna
Camay - Cappadonna
Daytona 500 - Cappadonna
Motherless Child
Black Jesus
After the Smoke Is Clear
All That I Got Is You - Mary J. Blige
Soul Controller - Force M.D.'s
title: Ironman
rating: 5
purchase date: 09-05-2005
published: 29-10-1996
price: $11.97
net Rating: 4.5
last lookup time: 137385680
genre: Contemporary R&B
East Coast
Gangsta & Hardcore
fullTitle: Ironman
currentValue: $4.75
created: 137385680
country: us
aspect: Audio CD
Explicit Lyrics
asin: B000002BNB
artist: Ghostface Killah