Nigga Please
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How did ODB get to start hanging with the Wu-Tang Clan, anyway? The man goes so much his own way that not only does Nigga Please sound like no other solo project from a Clan member, it doesn't really resemble any record except itself. Funny, funky, and answering to absolutely no one, this is Big Baby Jesus' masterpiece. --Rickey Wright

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tracklisting: Recognize
I Can't Wait
Cold Blooded
Got Your Money
Rollin' Wit You
Gettin' High
You Don't Want To F**k With Me
N***a Please
Dirt Dog
I Want P***y
Good Morning Heartache
All In Together Now
Bonus Track 1
title: Nigga Please
rating: 4
purchase date: 09-05-2005
published: 14-09-1999
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Gangsta & Hardcore
fullTitle: Nigga Please
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artist: Ol Dirty Bastard