Motorcade of Generosity
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These hipsters make music that's smart and spunky, surrounding the ironic vocals of John McCrea with a broad range of sounds: sometimes spare, sometimes funky, with occasional splashes of country and a Latin twist. Motorcade of Generorsity may lack the full-bodied punch of Fashion Nugget, the album that took Cake to the airwaves, but this 1994 CD offers the same wizened perspective on romance and modern life. And the trumpet accents of Vince de Fiore are bright and high-spirited enough for the Tijuana Brass. --Steve Appleford

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tracklisting: Comanche
Ruby Sees All
Up So Close
Haze of Love
You Part the Waters
Is This Love?
Jesus Wrote a Blank Check
Rock'n'Roll Lifestyle
I Bombed Korea
Mr. Mastodon Farm
Ain't No Good
title: Motorcade of Generosity
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published: 07-02-1995
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