Prolonging the Magic
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A kinder, gentler Cake? You'd never know it from listening to the opening track, a ditty with the rather unconventional title "Satan Is My Motor." But the truth is, most of Prolonging the Magic finds the Sacramento, California, quintet toning down the arch commentary of tracks such as "Rock and Roll Lifestyle" and "The Distance" from albums Motorcade of Generosity and Fashion Nugget. In its place is straight-ahead observational songwriting on "Alpha Beta Parking Lot" and "Guitar," and the naked, if still quirky, relationship commentaries "Where Would I Be?" and "Walk on By." Not to worry: The group's trademark humor is still in place on "You Turn the Screws" and "Sheep Go to Heaven," while touches of steel guitar and musical saw expand their already unusual sonic palette. As the title suggests, Cake seems capable of prolonging the magic a while longer. --Daniel Durchholz

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tracklisting: Satan Is My Motor
Never There
You Turn The Screws
Walk On By
Sheep Go To Heaven
When You Sleep
Hem Of Your Garment
Alpha Beta Parking Lot
Let Me Go
Cool Blue Reason
Where Would I Be?
title: Prolonging the Magic
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