First Rays of the New Rising Sun
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The guy was damn ingenious with a guitar, but not half as industrious as the folks who've packaged and repackaged his posthumous material. First Rays of the New Rising Sun, however, is an attractive assortment of "spiritual, very earthy" late recordings that surfaced in the '70s via The Cry of Love, Crash Landing, Rainbow Bridge, and War Heroes. Hendrix appeared to be in transition between flamboyant showman and serious musician personas at the time (meaning his work, had he lived, might have been twice as meritorious and half as fun), and that makes many of these tracks all the more interesting. --Steven Stolder

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tracklisting: Freedom
Night Bird Flying
Room Full Of Mirrors
Dolly Dagger
Ezy Ryder
Stepping Stone
My Friend
Straight Ahead
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
Earth Blues
Astro Man
In From The Storm
Belly Button Window
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