Come on Feel the Lemonheads
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The Lemonheads' third Atlantic album has its moments: "The Great Big NO,""Down About It" and "Dawn Can't Decide" don't break new ground (the dB's jangled better 12 years ago), but they're catchy, rollicking pop tunes. Unfortunately, frontman Evan Dando wants to be taken seriously as an artist dealing with big issues. "Big Gay Heart" is a country-flavored protest of gay-bashing in which he takes a cue from Kurt Cobain and flirts with bisexuality. The truth is, he's probably too narcissistic to care about another member of either sex. In "Paid to Smile," Dando protests that he shouldn't be treated special because he's a handsome rock star. But his attitude says exactly the opposite. It's a bit like that old shampoo commercials where the model crows, "Please don't hate me because I'm beautiful. --Jim DeRogatis

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tracklisting: Great Big No
Into Your Arms
It's About Time
Down About It
Paid to Smile
Big Gay Heart
Rest Assured
Dawn Can't Decide
I'll Do It Anyway
Rick James Style
Being Around
Favorite T
You Can Take It With You
Jello Fund
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