Willow Weep for Me [Bonus Tracks]
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uuid: 33AF4318-2495-4451-977C-C3040892CD0E
upc: 0731458948629
tracklisting: Willow Weep for Me
Portrait of Jenny
Surrey With the Fringe on Top
Oh, You Crazy Moon
Four on Six
title: Willow Weep for Me [Bonus Tracks]
rating: 3
purchase date: 09-05-2005
published: 23-04-2002
price: $14.98
net Rating: 5
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genre: Bebop General
Smooth Jazz
Soul-Jazz & Boogaloo
Hard Bop
fullTitle: Willow Weep for Me [Bonus Tracks]
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aspect: Audio CD
Original recording remastered
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artist: Wes Montgomery