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Having successfully balanced atonal freak-outs with rock song structure on their previous release, EVOL, Sonic Youth went further towards convention with this concise, "all rock" (their words) album. Recorded on old tube equipment instead of then-emerging digital technology, the album's 10 songs have an impressively warm, cozy vibe even as they tear up the pavement underneath. "(I Got a) Catholic Block,""Pacific Coast Highway," and a vicious cover of Crime's "Hot Wire My Heart" are propelled by the newfound power of drummer Steve Shelley, who doesn't let the band's arty self-consciousness inhibit the songs' natural drive. --Rob O'Connor

uuid: F9915F73-7E7B-48B7-BE0A-D06785C66397
upc: 0720642451427
tracklisting: Schizophrenia
(I Got A) Catholic Block
Beauty Lies In The Eye
Sereo Sancatr
Pipeline/Kill Time
Tuff Gnarl
Hot Wire My Heart
Kotton' Krown
White Kross
Master Dick
title: Sister
purchase date: 09-05-2005
published: 22-04-1996
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net Rating: 4.5
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genre: Indie Rock
fullTitle: Sister
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artist: Sonic Youth