The Chronic
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Deeez Nuuuts
Lil' Ghetto Boy
Nigga Witta Gun
Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat - BJ "Tha Mocking Bird"
$20 Sack Pyramid
Lyrical Gangbang
High Powered
Doctor's Office
Stranded on Death Row - Bushwick Bill
Roach [The Chronic Outro]
Bitches Ain't Shit
tracklisting: Chronic (Intro)
Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')
Let Me Ride
Day the Niggaz Took Over
Nuthin' but a "G
title: The Chronic
rating: 5
purchase date: 08-05-2005
published: 15-12-1992
price: $10.98
net Rating: 4.5
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genre: Gangsta & Hardcore
West Coast
fullTitle: The Chronic
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country: us
aspect: LP Record
Explicit Lyrics
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artist: Dr. Dre