Man Bites Dog - Criterion Collection
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This Belgian satire (in French with English subtitles) is dark, dark, dark--but also right on the money in its sly sendup of the media's fascination with violence and its complicity therein. This mock documentary has a trio of filmmakers shooting a cinéma vérité feature about a garrulous serial killer who lets the film crew follow him around as he selects victims and then dispatches them. But at what point does filmmaking become participation? These hapless documentarians soon find out as their subject eventually pulls them into his world, including a gun battle with a rival film crew and their own criminal star. Gruesomely hilarious, with a deadpan wit that's hard to resist. --Marshall Fine

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title: Man Bites Dog - Criterion Collection
theatricalDate: 15-01-1993
purchase date: 26-12-2005
publisher: Criterion
published: 24-09-2002
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MPAA Rating: Unrated
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fullTitle: Man Bites Dog - Criterion Collection
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director: Rémy Belvaux
André Bonzel
BenoĒt Poelvoorde
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