The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story
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The sudden departure of Pink Floyd's founding member Syd Barrett in 1968 marked the closure of the first prolific chapter in the Pink Floyd story. A maverick artist and true individual, Syd Barrett helped forge the British psychedelic scene when he formed Pink Floyd with Roger Waters, Rick Wright and Nick Mason in 1965. This special charts the band's rise to fame under the guidance of Barrett's influence to his premature departure under a cloud of drug abuse and psychological problems. Richly illustrated with rare early footage of the band performing, alongside new interviews with the members of the band - David Gilmour, Rick Wright, Roger Waters and Nick Mason - and their associates, fans and friends including Jerry Shirley (Humble Pie), Graham Coxon (Blur) and original band member Bob Klose. Featuring classic early Pink Floyd songs Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Interstellar Overdrive, Arnold Layne, See Emily Play & Bike. DVD Extras: Approx. 20 minutes of Interviews with Roger Waters, David Gilmour on "Wish You Were Here", Robyn Hitchcock performances - "Dominoes"&"It Is Obvious", Graham Coxon (Blur) performance of "Love You".

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