The Maxx: Original Series
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Simon Kieth's popular comic book was adapted for television in this multipart animated series first broadcast on MTV. A little confusing, the series--which concerns a kind of hulking superhero and his attachment to a female therapist and her teenage client--is actually mesmerizing and surprisingly touching. The writing is unusually sophisticated, and Kieth's ability to create complex female characters and provide their incisive dialogue should be the envy of any male scribe. Parallel action set in a so-called outback--an escape from reality--is wild and evocative of childhood fantasies. This is a strangely beautiful show all around. --Tom Keogh

uuid: 68F814AE-8E57-41DF-BAFC-1A047C798FE5
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title: The Maxx: Original Series
theatricalDate: 01-01-1996
rating: 5
purchase date: 08-05-2005
publisher: Sony Wonder
published: 16-04-1996
price: $14.99
net Rating: 4.5
MPAA Rating: NR
minutes: 120
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fullTitle: The Maxx: Original Series
features: Color
director: Eugene Salandra
Ilya Skorupsky
Gregg Vanzo
Yeol Jung Chang
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