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Before Kevin Smith became a Hollywood darling with Chasing Amy, a film he wrote and directed, he made this $27,000 comedy about real-life experiences working for chump change at a New Jersey convenience store. A rude, foul-mouthed collection of anecdotes about the responsibilities that go with being on the wrong side of the till, the film is also a relationship story that takes some hilarious turns once the lovers start revealing their sexual histories to one another. In the best tradition of first-time, ultra-low budget independent films, Smith uses Clerks as an audition piece, demonstrating that he not only can handle two-character comedy but also has an eye for action--as proven in a smoothly handled rooftop hockey scene. Smith himself appears as a silent figure who hangs out on the fringes of the store's property. --Tom Keogh

uuid: 904D68D0-1A9D-4486-94F8-E882E927E29D
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title: Clerks
theatricalDate: 19-10-1994
stars: Brian O'Halloran
Jeff Anderson
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publisher: Miramax
published: 07-09-2004
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net Rating: 4.5
MPAA Rating: R
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Kevin Smith
Corporate Life
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